Last Updated - 02/22/2019

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Good day, it's going to be a great day! Believe!

I hope things have settled down a little bit from the other night. Memaw and I are still debating on whether we should file a report and have someone come out and check on you. It' just not right what is going on.
Our plan now is to wait a little while to see what happens next. Maybe wait until after your visit to Zeb's to see how that goes there.  When you go to Zeb's you should talk honestly with him and ask him for help figuring out a solution. Maybe he'll just keep you all and we can come get you. Who knows?

If it came down to us calling someone, the one thing we are worried about is splitting you and your sisters up if it came down to you all getting removed from the house. 
Your sisters would likely go to their dad's or maybe Aunt Tonya's. We don't have the room for all three of you.
You would have a better choice and could come here if that is what you want.

If things get bad, you always have the option of calling someone saying "I don't know what to do.".
You could call the teen hotline or police.

Youth Hotline - 800-989-6884
Police - (903) 886-1100, or 911 if life threatening emergency

Check this site out. We can send private messages.  Your login is "ckendall". I'll message you the password in hangouts next time we talk.
Once logged in you can go to "Private message" to send and read private messages. If you need help getting around in the site I can help.

Here is a site we can do real-time chat. Versus leaving message on the forum. Use instead of Hangouts but we both have to be on to know.

You'll need to "Register"

Always, be safe, lay low, don't get distracted from your goals (high school and being in a position to leave at 18 if not sooner).
Hang in there. We're proud of you.

Love always, P&M



Don't let anyone blame you for the situation you are in. It is NOT YOUR FAULT.
Hang in there. Don't do anything stupid or dangerous. You'll get through this.
Important information below. Check back occasionally to see there is new information. The last update date at the top will let you know the last time we updated this information.
Love you, miss you, and we'll do anything in our power to help. We are limited until you are 18, or "pancakes" (be sure to read section on Pancakes below).


Confidential Texas Youth Hotline
Call with anything. They can help with solutions. Completely confidential. They won't tell anyone.
Phone number: 800-989-6884
Text number: 512-872-5777

Pancakes - what would happen
We would call the police department and have them go to your house to make sure you are okay.
If authorities question you, school, protective services, police, etc. be truthful. They would question you in private away from mom.
There would be a good chance that you and your sisters would be removed from the house and put into protective custody.
If ever you are removed from the house make sure we are contacted.

Very important to finish high school. The only way you will be able to leave home and get a good job is if you have a high school diploma.

Sisters - don't trust them with anything. Don't tell them anything, don't use Kayla's phone for hangouts. Remove your hangouts account from Kayla's phone.

Your Phone - refuse to take it if you can only text mom. If you can only text mom and us, then take it but delete all conversations.

Living With Us
What is the worst that could happen if you asked mom, and kept asking her? You're already grounded, can't go any where, can't use your phone. What more could she do?

Important Phone Numbers
Pawpaw - 850-543-0440
Memaw - 850-585-1125
Aunt Tanya - 760-533-6613
Police - (903) 886-1100, or 911 if life threatening emergency
Youth Hotline - 800-989-6884